Mother Earth

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Mother Earth reminds us of our responsibility to conserve our resources and tend our garden, especially our inner one, so she is able to bring forth life in abundant forms over and over every season. Here she stands in her hand-knit woolen dress (sometimes she is a bit tired of her trusty well-worn brown one, and sneaks into her other secret favorite colors), hand-knit shawl, doting on her creations., This Mother Earth is wearing a hand-knit merino wool dress and warming her shoulders with a hand-knit woolen shawl in a chevron pattern, her skin is cotton knit fabric, mohair for hair with a bun at her neck. She has a new spring-green kitting project on her needles. She stands ~ 8 1/2" tall, on a solid wooden base covered with velour fabric., In the bottom picture you can see some more visitimg., ,

List price: $110.00
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