Shop Introduction

Dear Friends,

Dolls and toys that speak to one’s heart and soul are truly a gift.  I offer you this line of dolls and toys handcrafted in the Waldorf tradition. They are suitable for any age, from the very young to the young-at-heart. All my dolls are one of a kind - even though some may look similar because of the same materials used, each has her/his own character. I hand-make them with careful attention to details and craftsmanship using natural, and when available and suitable, recycled fabrics in a variety of textures and colors and 100% new Eco wool for filling. Most of the dolls can be spot-cleaned or carefully bathed if needed.

This site is set up so you can choose the doll YOU like—the one you see is the one you get. Please do keep in mind that the color of the fabric you see on your screen may not show exactly true. Also, sizes may vary a bit, since different materials “grow” differently during the filling process. Please check the website periodically to keep up with what is currently available.

I have carried the Buntspechte figures since about 95/96 and I still think they are the most beautiful ones on the market, even though they might also be the most expensive ones. I am impressed by the integrity and quality; they are not mass produced, but are hand-crafted by a very small family business in Germany, and therefore some items may take longer to restock.

If you have a special request for the Buntspechte figures, like facial expressions (for an additional cost), please let me know and I will special order them for you.

Many of you know Heartwood Arts and have purchased items from them directly before, here is the place for you to see and purchase them as well. My good friend Bill Bluhm has made those very unique and special toys for many many years and has supplied many Waldorf Kindergardens and Schools with his special creations. He is not as productive anymore at his advanced age, but still gets things done! OK, with a bit of pushing on my part. So it can take a bit of time to get things restocked, but if one is patient it will be delivered. All the items you see are in stock and like my dolls, is the one you get and most of them one of a kind! Also please keep in mind, only a few items are made from board lumber but big natural pieces of wood and therefore not uniform and pristine! But this is the special part of Heartwood Arts creations! Cracks and sometimes even marks from critters previously inhabiting the tree the wood came from is not unusual!

For your Christmas wishes, I especially recommend to order early, September/October is best. Buntspechte is a very small company, if items sell out and it takes time to re-stock; sometimes well into the new year.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. I especially love to hear about your doll stories and want to take the opportunity to send out a warm HELLO to all my many, many dolls out there! I want to remind them of what I say to them before  I send them out into the world: "Bring love and joy to wherever you go!" So may they all follow my wish and bring enchantment into your and your loved ones' lives. I had great joy creating them for you.

Blessings, Christine

Handmade Dolls

In German, Puppe means Doll and Stube Room; a Puppenstube is a Doll's Room or Doll house. I have created this shop to be exactly that, a home for the many dolls I create before they find a new home with you and your family. My artisan dolls are made by hand in the true Waldorf tradition. Utilizing only the softest and most natural fabrics, each doll is made by hand to be unique and as individual as the child who receives it. I know that each doll speaks to a specific person and is carefully selected by the giver. My promise is that the doll you see here on this website is the one you will receive. There is always only one!

Heartwood Arts

Heartwood Arts' toys nourish the imitative and imaginative capacities of the unfolding child. Their natural finish is composed of beeswax and linseed oil and all products are handmade in the USA.

Buntspechte Figures

An exquisite line of wooden figures handmade in Germany. People, gnomes, animals, trees for endles play or collecting for children or adults.

Specialty Items

Sweet and sometimes curious things, all to enchant and please. Most often just things I can not resist to get because I think you also might like them.