Cow brown

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Height: 15.5cm /~4.3",

The horns are now made of shellac-stiffened, ecologically perfect, hardened wool felt. Ears, vegetable tanned leather.

Buntspechte made changes to the cow horns, asking why, here is the answer I got from them: Oh, yeah, the horns. Cow without horns doesn't really work for me anymore. Doesn't look like a cow, and shouldn't be so beautiful for the animals and their health. The wooden horns were a very nice thing, but it turned out that a.) the stability is not to be reached, which it would need. And b.) the risk of injury for child and cow was very high.
What does the toy maker do with these challenges? We had to decide for a golden middle way, we only reach this, state of knowledge today, just by the "angular" "less beautiful" felt horns. I think the solution is really good!
Should the American customers absolutely not be able to make friends with the "new" cows, let us know, from 2020 hornless cattle will be possible then again.

List price: $61.00
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