Winter/Spring Table Puppet

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Queen & King Winter hold court in their magical icy kingdom and signal to Mother Earth and the Earth Children that it is time to sleep during the cold and dark time of the year. When those magical beings of spring, summer and fall go to sleep, Queen & King Winter shine in all their glory over their wintry kingdom. Naturally, they are assisted by their helpers, the Snow and Ice Children and the Princesses of Winter.

A little simple table puppet, meaning, arms are only gestured by stitching.

This large Table Puppet can be so many things! Still for winter (she even could get a crown!) or end of winter as a Miss Thaw and than later on she will look beautiful with a flower garland. She is sewn from a silk/wool knit fabric with little clear glass beads sewn on. Her cape and hat are cashmere embellished with embroidery. Her children love to stay warm, all snuggled into it. Her skin and eyes are cotton, a knitted mohair cap for hair.

She stands firmly on a fabric covered wooden base, about 11" tall

List price: $60.00
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