Buntspechte Figurine

Ornament Strentaler

Oval-haped pine woodcut (with bark) with the beloved Sterntaler theme, 3" on a fabric string.
This is NOT a Buntspechte item, designed in the Black Forest in Germany, produced in their facility in Poland,.


New Old Man Noah

Height: 17cm = 6 3/4"
this is a new figure in the program.


NEW Polar Bear

Height: 4 3/4"
in transit, this listing is for pre-order. I have one coming for sure and more ordered, but no confirmation for it yet. I will adjust the inventory accordingly as soon as I know.
In the lower picture you can see them all out on the ice, the price is for one bear only please!



5" tall at rack


Juniper Tree

Height: 5.5" / 13.5cm
in transit


Standing Goat

Height: 9cm

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