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Ore Gnome Lady
Ore Gnome Lady
Ore Gnomes
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Our Ore Gnome stands 5" tall, on sturdy, cloth-covered, wooden feet. Made from recycled wool sweaters - in all colors of the rainbow - our ore gnomes have wispy mohair beards and pointed caps. Set them on the nature table and they will surely watch over all the stones, crystals, and treasures.
To also celebrate the feminine in the gnome world, Ore Ladies now also make their appearance once in a while. They seem to be more shy than their male counter parts and do not show up as frequently..... aber hin und wieder, they do dare to come out of hiding. They usually have a special hand-embroidered design on their little skirts or a special material for it. The base fabric is almost exclusively reclaimed sweater material as they are very thrifty and conscious folks! 
In the bottom picture you can see them all busy doing their chores! The price is for the one only please!

Price: $50.00