Seedling Bunting

Seedling Bunting
Seedling Bunting
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You  might not know, but my Mama is for an extended time staying with her Mama in Germany, but she sent me off just recently to her daughter Francisca's house in CA and I finally arrived! Francisca is taking care of me and the business during Christine's absence.
Just waking up from their deep winter sleep, still wearing their earth-tone colored out fits, wondering what spring will hold for them........
This Earth Child is sewn from reclaimed cashmere knit fabric and crochet wool hats in fine wool yarn, from which on top two cotyledons (crochet in cotton) already are reaching for the sunlight, 4” filled with organic flax seeds and organic lavender, pipe cleaners for poseable arms.
In the bottom picture you can see how hard they have worked to come up!
The price is for the one only please!

Price: $35.00