Holy Family 3.5", Pema on SALE

Pema Nativity
Pema Nativity
Pema Nativity
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Last year I had found this line of carved figures in a more traditional style than the Buntspechte. Unfortunately they arrived too late to list them then and now I almost forget them!
But here they are!
Carved in Tirol, Italy at a traditional Schnitzerei from Ash wood (untreated), the standing figure is 3.5" tall. The nice feature is that the babe also can be in Mary's lap. The set includes the stable (6.5" high, 9" wide, 4" deep) as well, the star is removable. 
As it is getting late in the season, they are offered at a 30% discount, already taken off on the listing! If you are interested in the figures only, please send us a email to discuss it.

Price: $120.00