SALE! seconds of The Original Play Clip

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A GREAT BARGAIN! To make it very clear, the first picture shows you what one pair of Play Clips is, one female and one male component make one pair! Just like with a pair of trousers or scissors, same thing!

Heartwood Arts just brought over a new bunch of not so perfect, may need a bit more sanding, maybe small branch knots, Play Clips! BUT fully functioning! 

THE ORIGINAL Play Clips, invented many, many years ago by Bill Bluhm owner of Heartwood Arts! Over the years it undisputedly has become one of the most popular item in any Waldorf school or home! Unfortunately also copied and sold by many, but here the ones from the originator himself!  An essential tool for every serious builder of forts, houses, caves and dwellings. Perfect fit for little hands (and big ones!). Carved from pine wood which is easy on small hands, from locally sourced wood. 

The regular cost $7.50, so a great saving!

List price: $5.00
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