Mother Earth

Image of Mother Earth dollsThe back view of Mother Earth dollsMother Earth reminds us of our responsibility to our earth, to conserve our resources and tend our garden, especially our inner one, so that she is able to bring forth life in abundant forms each and every season. All through the winter the Flower and Earth Children sleep deep underground, but when spring comes Mother Earth wakes them for the season to come. The Earth and Flower Children are then busy preparing for Spring. When summer comes they play in the fields, ponds and meadows basking in the beauty of the season.

Here she stands in her hand knit woolen dress (sometimes she tires of her trusty well-worn brown one, and sneaks into her other secret favorite colors), hand-knit shawl, doting on her creations, the root and flower children. She stand approximately 7 – 8” tall, with handcrafted sculpted face standing firmly on a cloth-covered wooden base. Each of our Mother Earth Dolls is envisioned with a unique vision. All of our Mother Earth nature table dolls are perfect on your mantel, altar or Waldorf Nature Table.